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Key Benefits of 3M Co​mmercial Window Films

Save Energy

Are your energy costs going through the roof? 

3M™ Window Films can significantly reduce the amount of heat coming through your windows to help lower utility costs. 

Your tenants get a more comfortable environment, and you get increased energy savings

Improve Comfort

Help keep your tenants comfortable, and you’ll keep them for the long run. 

3M™ Window Films can significantly increase the comfort level of your building by virtually eliminating hot spots and cold spots, reducing glare and increasing safety without changing its aesthetics.

Control Solar Glare

Open your eyes to more comfortable rooms any time of the day.

3M™ Window Films control excessive light, so you can enjoy the light without the discomfort and annoyance of glare. See your screen or book clearly without straining your eyes. And work, relax or entertain in comfort – and in the sun – at any time of day.

Increase Safety

3M™ Window Film can help hold broken glass together, preventing flying glass shards, the leading cause of injuries and fatalities.

Accidents and natural disasters can wreak havoc on your building operations, but you can be better prepared to cope with the aftermath. 

Guard against property or data losses. Help protect your employees, your business and your bottom line.

Enhance Decore

Give your tenants custom and elegant interiors that provide enhanced privacy without sacrificing natural light. 

Let the beauty of natural sunlight into your office – while protecting your privacy – with 3M™ Window Films. These films transform plain glass surfaces into elegant architectural statements, using a variety of design patterns and colors

Strengthen Security

Concerned about natural or man-made disasters?

Your tenants want to know they’re in a secure building, and you want to protect your data and merchandise.

3M™ Window Films can help protect people and property from outside threats like forced entry, vandalism and even bomb blasts.